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I was born in Solo , Indonesia on Dec 5 , 1974 as the second son in the family Soedjiman Djojokartiko. I have an elder brother and a younger. My elder brother's name is Iwan Setijawan and my younger's Totok Yulianto.

Until I was 17 years old, I went to school in Solo. I attended the elementary school in 1981, it was SD Negeri Ngringo VIII. Then I moved to SD Purwodiningratan No. 34 in 1985, on the 6th grade. After that I continued to junior highschool called SMP Negeri V Surakarta. In the year of 1990  I attended SMA Negeri I Surakarta. It was the best highschool in my city (I think so.. hehe..). I found there my best friends that I'll never forget : Muhson Burhani, Erwin Fahmi, Zakiah Wulandari (Je'i) and  all members of Oposisi Class 93. Thank's for all you guys!!

Since 1994 I live in Germany and study in Fachhochschule Reutlingen, majoring Mechanical Engineering. For this undergraduate education I receive a scholarship from BPPT (Agency for The Assessment and Application of Technology) called STAID (Science and Technology for Industrial Development). During my study in the Fachhochschule I have to make some industrial semesters in ABB Kraftwerke Mannheim, Firma Stoll in Reutlingen and Daimler Benz Aerospace Dornier in Friedrichshafen.
I got to know an italian boy during my last industrial semester in Friedrichshafen. His name is Jerry Brancazio and he studies at Fachhochschule Ravensburg/Weingarten and also majoring Mechanical Engineering. Thank's for your help!

My hobby is soccer : I play it myself and also enjoy watching it. My favourite teams are VfB Stuttgart, BvB Dortmund, Juventus Torino and many others. I also like listening to music. My favourite song is Laura Non Ce' from Nek.

That's all about me. Thank's to Y@N+! for helping me to build this page.